Empowering Smarter Trades

At QVantage, we help equity, currency, and commodity traders make smarter decisions through the use of quantitative insights that drive industry-leading performance.



A groundbreaking stock backtesting tool - the first ever designed for mobile use - TA-Nucleus lets technical analysis traders accurately backtest disparate strategies before putting them into play in the market.


Q-Alpha is the very first best-in-class app to offer institution-strength quantitative equity portfolio signals, attribution, and performance to non-institution traders!

Coming soon—early May 2016. Stay tuned.

Thank you so much … I am so far VERY impressed with the app and it’s cool to see how it is helping me with my trading.


Really data oriented, excellent work. Loved the beta version - can’t wait to try the full release. Thanks!


I am a newcomer to technical analysis … daunting at first, but once I learnt how, it’s a breeze to use.


Mission and Vision

The trading game is a competitive one - more competitive than people realize - and even the slightest edge makes a significant difference.

  • Our mission is to level the playing field by giving all traders the best vantage point of the market at all times.

  • Our innovative applications use the power of quantitative insight to bring the most impactful, numerically driven data directly to the user, helping them make the informed decisions that lead to strategically superior trades.

  • The ultimate goal? - to help people make safer, smarter, more successful trades.

Our team

Founded by a team of investors with more than two decades of extensive experience in quantitative trading, risk management, and portfolio management, across asset management organizations, proprietary trading firms, and sovereign wealth companies in the United States, China, and broader Asia-Pacific region, QVantage is a FinTech company with true industry expertise.

By leaning on their work in the worldwide equity and futures markets building trading infrastructures and constructing algorithmic, high-frequency trading strategies, QVantage’s leadership team is revolutionizing the industry by developing a suite of mobile apps designed to help traders who want easy access to the sophisticated tools and signals utilized quantitative traders.





QVantage is always on the lookout for top talent and more than happy to hear thoughts from users.

To contact our hiring department, please send an email to careers@qvantage.io and we’ll get back to you.

To contact our customer service team, please send an email to feedback@qvantage.io with a topic-specific subject line, and a member of our staff will be in touch.

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