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A groundbreaking stock backtesting tool—the first ever designed for mobile use—TA-Nucleus lets technical analysis traders accurately backtest disparate strategies before putting them into play in the market.

Supported by scrutinized statistics and measured empirical data—TA-Nucleus let’s traders make real-time decisions from the ease of their mobile device, with full-insight into the likelihood of winning the trade.

Create, backtest, and optimize your own trading strategy using vetted data and analyze the performance to validate your innovative trading ideas.


Backtesting is the process of testing a trading strategy on prior time periods. Instead of applying an unproven strategy to future markets which could take years to iron-out, backtesting allows traders to simulate a trading strategy on relevant historical data in order to gauge its effectiveness.

How It Works



Select Your Ticker



Choose Your Entry Indicators



Choose Your Exit Indicators



Click “Backtest!” That’s it – seriously.

When you hit “Backtest!” the TA-Nucleus App connects to our servers and starts backtesting across a wide range of parameters—including the full, dividend-adjusted daily prices and time-series dataset of the ticker.

Your backtest runs across 32 core servers via our Python Backtest Engine (based on the Python Algorithmic Trading Library) to present you with the very best strategy parameters based on risk-return performance.

The final Performance Report is delivered in simple, easy to understand numbers and cumulative returns graphs, helping you make the right choice with ease.

Key Features

Results presented as Sharpe Ratios, Drawdowns, Edge/Trade, Returns, Cumulative Returns Graphs, Win-Ratios and more!

Push notification-enabled for key strategy alerts and updates

Summary of key results from each backtest

Currently available for the following indicators and markets



  • Indicators: MACD, Bollinger Breakout, SMA, DMA, TMA, ATR, RSI
  • Markets: SGX

Unlimited Watchlist functionality

Automatic backtesting parameter selection—searches for the best parameter!

Over 300 tickers and 30 strategies available for backtest


Backtesting with Money management overlays

Advanced strategies for backtesting

Other countries (Australia, India, Hong Kong, and Japan)